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  • 07-Jul-2021

    Despite Hurdles the Michigan Cannabis Market Is On Fire read more -->

  • 12-May-2021

    Marijuana industry expected to add $92 billion to US economy in 2021 read more -->

  • 10-May-2021

    Alabama lawmakers pass landmark medical cannabis legalization bill read more -->

  • 05-May-2021

    Oregon cannabis sales notch new high in April at $110.4M read more -->

  • 28-Apr-2021

    Maryland medical marijuana sales hit $1 billion since launch read more -->

  • 27-Apr-2021

    6 facts about Americans and marijuana read more -->

  • 26-Apr-2021

    These states could still legalize recreational or medical cannabis in 2021 read more -->

  • 23-Apr-2021

    N.C. lawmakers propose bill to legalize marijuana read more -->

  • 22-Apr-2021

    Virginia governor signs recreational cannabis bill read more -->

  • 21-Apr-2021

    President Biden Supports States’ Right To Legalize Cannabis read more -->

  • 20-Apr-2021

    Happy 4/20: House Passes Marijuana Banking Reform, But Cannabis Is Still Cash Only—For Now read more -->

  • 14-Apr-2021

    Marijuana Business Factbook projects nearly $45B US market by 2025 read more -->

  • 18-Mar-2021

    Democratic Senators Elevate Federal Cannabis Reform To High Priority read more -->

  • 11-Mar-2021

    Garland’s confirmation as AG could change Feds’ marijuana views read more -->

  • 10-Mar-2021

    Recreational marijuana bills heard in Senate committees read more -->

  • 09-Mar-2021

    Mexico moves closer to becoming the world's largest legal cannabis market read more -->

  • 08-Mar-2021

    U.S. Cannabis Sales Hit Record $17.5 Billion As Americans Consume More Marijuana Than Ever Before read more -->

  • 04-Mar-2021

    Pennsylvania Could Be Next State To Legalize Recreational Cannabis read more -->

  • 24-Feb-2021

    Global Pharmaceutical Cannabis Market Report 2020: Existing Products will Achieve Growth Rates of 15 read more -->

  • 23-Feb-2021

    Lawmakers Voted To Approve Marijuana Legalization Bills In Four States This Week read more -->

  • 22-Feb-2021

    Finally! NJ marijuana legalization official; Gov. Phil Murphy signs legal weed into law read more -->

  • 19-Feb-2021

    Legal marijuana jobs booming, study finds read more -->

  • 10-Feb-2021

    Colorado’s total marijuana sales near $10 billion, buoyed by record 2020 read more -->

  • 09-Feb-2021

    Wisconsin governor proposes medical, recreational cannabis legalization read more -->

  • 08-Feb-2021

    Virginia lawmakers pass landmark recreational marijuana legalization bills read more -->

  • 03-Feb-2021

    Senate leader Schumer pushing federal marijuana legalization as priority read more -->

  • 29-Jan-2021

    Five state medical marijuana markets that could get a boost through reforms in 2021 read more -->

  • 28-Jan-2021

    Cannabis sales records smashed or set in 2020, and insiders expect the gains to continue read more -->

  • 14-Jan-2021

    New York appears better positioned than before to legalize $2 billion-plus recreational marijuana ma read more -->

  • 07-Jan-2021

    Cuomo Calls for Legalizing Recreational Marijuana in NY read more -->

  • 06-Jan-2021

    Major federal marijuana reform could hinge on outcome of two Georgia Senate races read more -->

  • 05-Jan-2021

    These States Are The Most Likely To Legalize Marijuana In 2021 read more -->

  • 05-Jan-2021

    These States Are The Most Likely To Legalize Marijuana In 2021 read more -->

  • 30-Dec-2020

    New Jersey lawmakers pass bill to regulate biggest East Coast recreational marijuana market read more -->

  • 15-Dec-2020

    U.S. Legal Cannabis Market Could Be $41 Billion by 2025 read more -->

  • 23-Nov-2020

    The 5 New Cannabis Markets Are Predicted To Create Over 26,000 Jobs read more -->

  • 16-Nov-2020

    Marijuana legalization momentum unstoppable, industry leaders say read more -->

  • 12-Nov-2020

    New Legal States Give Cannabis A U.S. Majority read more -->

  • 04-Nov-2020

    Voters in NJ, Arizona, three other states legalize potential $2.5 billion-plus marijuana markets read more -->

  • 02-Nov-2020

    These states could legalize marijuana this November read more -->

  • 29-Oct-2020

    Majority Of New Yorkers Support Marijuana Legalization, New Poll Shows As Governor Renews Reform Ple read more -->

  • 28-Oct-2020

    Marijuana legalization proponents outraising opponents 36-to-1 in 2020 read more -->

  • 27-Oct-2020

    Everything You Need to Know About the 2020 Cannabis Ballot Initiatives read more -->

  • 09-Oct-2020

    Legal in Vermont: Cannabis bill that allows (and taxes) retail sales becomes law read more -->

  • 06-Oct-2020

    Billions at stake as voters decide on medical, adult-use marijuana markets in five states read more -->

  • 21-Aug-2020


  • 20-Aug-2020

    Chart: Adult-use cannabis sales remain steady even as unemployment bonus ends read more -->

  • 06-Aug-2020

    FDA approves GW Pharmaceuticals’ cannabis drug for new indication read more -->

  • 05-Aug-2020

    Covid-19 Is Helping Make 2020 A Record Year For Cannabis Sales read more -->

  • 03-Aug-2020

    House Votes To Protect State Marijuana Laws From Federal Interference read more -->

  • 30-Jul-2020

    States Experience Record Surge in Retail Marijuana Sales read more -->

  • 28-Jul-2020

    Marijuana Legalization May Not Be A Blue State Issue read more -->

  • 27-Jul-2020

    Congress Could Vote On Marijuana Amendment Protecting All State Legalization Laws Soon read more -->

  • 24-Jul-2020

    LeafLink Debt Deal Shows Cannabis Entering a New Phase read more -->

  • 23-Jul-2020

    Sickle cell disease: Cannabis may improve pain-related mood read more -->

  • 22-Jul-2020

    Chart: US cannabis industry’s economic impact could hit $130 billion by 2024 read more -->

  • 21-Jul-2020

    Biden task force takes states-rights approach to cannabis legalization read more -->

  • 09-Jul-2020

    Cannabis May Reduce Deadly COVID-19 Lung Inflammation: Researchers Explain Why read more -->

  • 01-Jul-2020

    New marijuana laws take effect July 1 in Virginia read more -->

  • 30-Jun-2020

    Exclusive: US retail marijuana sales on pace to rise 40% in 2020, near $37 billion by 2023 read more -->

  • 29-Jun-2020

    Two researchers hope to use cannabis to 'temporarily close the doors' on coronavirus read more -->

  • 26-Jun-2020

    Why more states could legalize cannabis in 2021 read more -->

  • 25-Jun-2020

    UK down-schedules Epidyolex to lowest level for controlled drugs read more -->

  • 24-Jun-2020

    Canopy Growth has high hopes for legal cannabis market, even as COVID-19 spreads read more -->

  • 23-Jun-2020

    Notes From The Cutting Edge: Israeli Researcher Dedi Meiri On Cannabis, Alzheimer’s And Dementia read more -->

  • 16-Jun-2020

    Recreational pot sales topped $44 million in May, most since weed was legalized in Illinois read more -->

  • 12-Jun-2020

    CBD liver study to inform FDA regulation gains support for deployment next month read more -->

  • 11-Jun-2020

    Chart: Medical marijuana sales in Oklahoma near $300 million in first five months of 2020 reaed more -->

  • 03-Jun-2020

    Chart: Florida’s medical cannabis market booms despite pandemic, US economic woes read more -->

  • 02-Jun-2020

    Joe Biden’s New Disability Plan Includes Boosting Medical Marijuana Research read more -->

  • 29-May-2020

    UN body preparing for December vote on WHO cannabis recommendations despite coronavirus read more -->

  • 28-May-2020

    Will Israel fully legalize use of cannabis? read more -->

  • 27-May-2020

    Cannabis Legalization Is Key To Economic Recovery, Much Like Ending Alcohol Prohibition Helped Us Ou read more -->

  • 26-May-2020

    New York Governor Says ‘I Believe We Will’ Legalize Marijuana read more -->

  • 21-May-2020

    34 Bipartisan Attorneys General Tell Congress To Pass Marijuana Banking As Part Of Coronavirus Bill read more -->

  • 20-May-2020

    Cannabis Education Arrives (Virtually) At More American Universities read more -->

  • 19-May-2020

    Six Years of Legal Cannabis In Colorado Part 2 read more -->

  • 12-May-2020

    Cannabis employees are in high demand during economic crash read more -->

  • 11-May-2020

    European cannabis market, rich with potential, worth 240 million euros in 2019, new report shows read more -->

  • 01-May-2020

    One doctor vs. the DEA: Inside the battle to study marijuana in America read more -->

  • 29-Apr-2020

    New Mexico Governor Says Legal Marijuana Revenue Could Have Offset Coronavirus’s Economic Hit read more -->

  • 27-Apr-2020

    New Frontier Data: Cannabis-Infused Product Sales Will Approach $3 Billion in 2020 read more --.

  • 23-Apr-2020

    US senators request small marijuana firms be included in coronavirus aid read more -->

  • 22-Apr-2020

    'Illegal To Essential': How The Coronavirus Is Boosting The Legal Cannabis Industry read more-->

  • 17-Apr-2020

    Could legal marijuana dollars be the boost the U.S. economy needs during a pandemic-triggered recess read more -->

  • 16-Apr-2020

    Washington DC allows medical marijuana deliveries, curbside pickups read more -->

  • 14-Apr-2020

    COVID-19’s Impact on the Cannabis Industry: Industry Leader Outlook read more -->

  • 09-Apr-2020

    Charlotte Figi, the Colorado girl who inspired the CBD movement, dies following illness suspected to read more -->

  • 07-Apr-2020

    Change in Cannabis Use Since Outbreak of COVID-19 read more -->

  • 06-Apr-2020

    Illinois dispensaries sold $36 million worth of recreational marijuana in March. Here’s how that sta read more -->

  • 03-Apr-2020

    Canada classifies medical cannabis ‘essential’ amid COVID-19 pandemic read more -->

  • 02-Apr-2020

    Medical cannabis businesses eye potential new markets in southern US read more -->

  • 01-Apr-2020

    After 4-year delay, DEA will review dozens of requests to grow marijuana for research read more -->

  • 30-Mar-2020

    Is Cannabis Positioned To 'Weather The Storm' Of COVID-19? Yes, Data And Tax Experts Declared At A W read more -->

  • 26-Mar-2020

    As customers hoard pot brownies, North American weed firms see lockdown boost read more -->

  • 25-Mar-2020

    Is marijuana ‘recession-proof?’ Industry experts say yes – to a point – and alcohol might be a guide read more -->

  • 24-Mar-2020

    Coronavirus Crisis Shows Marijuana Is ‘Essential’ And Mainstream read more -->

  • 23-Mar-2020

    Marijuana shops overhaul workforces to cope with online orders, curbside-delivery boom during corona read more -->

  • 20-Mar-2020

    Medical cannabis businesses increasingly deemed ‘essential’ during coronavirus pandemic read more -->

  • 18-Mar-2020

    New York: Medical cannabis ‘essential,’ not subject to closures read more -->

  • 17-Mar-2020

    U.S. Cannabis Market Sales Reach $13.6B read more -->

  • 16-Mar-2020

    Alabama Senate passes medical cannabis bill read more -->

  • 13-Mar-2020

    US House panel approves medical marijuana bills to help veterans read more -->

  • 12-Mar-2020

    Illinois sells $1 million in legal cannabis—per day read more -->

  • 04-Mar-2020

    More than 35,000 in Missouri approved to buy medical cannabis read more -->

  • 03-Mar-2020

    Banning CBD Products Would Be ‘A Fool’s Game,’ FDA Chief Admits read more -->

  • 21-Feb-2020

    Medical marijuana bill easily passes Kentucky House. It now heads to a wary Senate. read more -->

  • 20-Feb-2020

    Alabama medical marijuana bill passes out of Senate committee read more -->

  • 19-Feb-2020

    Colorado sold a record $1.75 billion of cannabis last year read more -->

  • 18-Feb-2020

    Medical cannabis business opportunities could swell in several states this year read more -->

  • 12-Feb-2020

    Chart: Arizona’s medical marijuana market marches forward in 2019 with more patients, higher sales read more -->

  • 05-Feb-2020

    Cannabis execs anticipate expanded legal markets in 2020 – and ensuing challenges read more -->

  • 31-Jan-2020

    Utah’s first medical marijuana stores set to open read more -->

  • 30-Jan-2020

    New Mexico adult-use cannabis bill moves forward read more -->

  • 29-Jan-2020

    Chart: More consumers boost Colorado’s recreational marijuana market in 2019 read more -->

  • 28-Jan-2020

    The cannabis boom could be good for science — and scientists read more -->

  • 27-Jan-2020

    New York State Potential Legal Adult-Use Cannabis Sales read more -->

  • 23-Jan-2020

    Cannabis compound could be weapon in fight against superbugs read more -->

  • 17-Jan-2020

    New Mexico gov again pushes adult-use marijuana legalization read more -->

  • 16-Jan-2020

    US House panel calls for stepped-up marijuana research, which could prove critical to federal reform read more -->

  • 15-Jan-2020

    Bill could allow Tenn. counties to legalize marijuana read more -->

  • 14-Jan-2020

    Illinois dispensaries sold more than $19.7 million in recreational marijuana the first 12 days of sa read more -->

  • 13-Jan-2020

    States With Potential to Pass New Cannabis Legalization Measures in 2020 read more -->

  • 10-Jan-2020

    2020 could be a defining year for the cannabis industry read more -->

  • 09-Jan-2020

    New York governor pledges to legalize adult-use marijuana read more -->

  • 08-Jan-2020

    ‘It’s a lot happening all at once’: Illinois shops run out of marijuana just six days after start of read more -->

  • 07-Jan-2020

    Michigan recreational cannabis sales near $6.5 million in first month read more -->

  • 06-Jan-2020

    Long waits and some sticker shock, but Illinois recreational marijuana market launches with a roar, read more -->

  • 30-Dec-2019

    Chart: Pre-Christmas marijuana product sales increase up to 53% read more -->

  • 27-Dec-2019

    Illinois marijuana retailers in potential $2B market expect long lines, possible supply shortages as read more -->

  • 18-Dec-2019

    Marijuana Legalization Could Be Coming To These States In 2020 read more -->

  • 12-Dec-2019

    Chart: Lack of dispensaries doesn’t limit first six months of Arkansas medical marijuana sales read more -->

  • 11-Dec-2019

    Chart: First year of adult-use cannabis sales in Massachusetts doesn’t disappoint read more -->

  • 02-Dec-2019

    Survey: Americans Are Ready To Invest In Cannabis read more -->

  • 22-Nov-2019

    Florida Could Grab 12 Percent Of The Cannabis Market If Legalization Is Approved In 2020 read more -->

  • 21-Nov-2019

    US House panel passes federal cannabis legalization bill in historic vote read more -->

  • 20-Nov-2019

    Chart: Oklahoma medical marijuana sales far exceed expectations read more -->

  • 19-Nov-2019

    Potential $1.7 billion adult-use cannabis market in Michigan gears up for Dec. 1 launchv read more -->

  • 18-Nov-2019

    Vote To Federally Legalize Marijuana Planned In Congress read more -->

  • 15-Nov-2019

    Only 8 percent of Americans say marijuana should be completely illegal read more -->

  • 14-Nov-2019

    Recreational marijuana sales begin Dec. 1 in Michigan read more -->

  • 13-Nov-2019

    Tilray CEO says vaping illness outbreak could lead to marijuana legalization read more -->

  • 12-Nov-2019

    'Cannabis has saved my life' | Maine veterans fear penalties for using medical marijuana read more -->

  • 11-Nov-2019

    Cannabis-Based Medicines Approved for Use in England and Wales read more -->

  • 08-Nov-2019

    Drake is going into business with a Canadian cannabis firm read more -->

  • 06-Nov-2019

    Cannabis could help treat depression in people with PTSD, B.C. study finds read more -->

  • 05-Nov-2019

    Iowa board supports adding PTSD to limited medical cannabis program read more -->

  • 31-Oct-2019

    60 percent of Americans support marijuana legalization — times are changing read more -->

  • 30-Oct-2019

    USDA announces long-delayed hemp rules, calls for total THC testing read more -->

  • 25-Oct-2019

    Vaping Injury Outbreak Hasn’t Hurt Marijuana Legalization Support, Gallup Poll Shows read more -->

  • 18-Oct-2019

    Recreational Marijuana Would Create More Than 100,000 Jobs in Florida, Study Says read more -->

  • 17-Oct-2019

    Exclusive: US retail sales of CBD may increase 133% in 2019, surpass $10 billion by 2024 read more -->

  • 16-Oct-2019

    State lawmakers introduce bill to legalize recreational marijuana in Pennsylvania read more -->

  • 15-Oct-2019

    Big banking shows more interest in serving cannabis clients after recent SAFE Act passage by US Hous read more -->

  • 14-Oct-2019

    Arkansas medical marijuana sales brisk, total $12.3 million for five months read more -->

  • 10-Oct-2019

    Mexican Senate Leader Says Marijuana Will Be Legalized This Month read more -->

  • 04-Oct-2019

    Canada’s Cannabis Sector Adds C$8.26 Billion to National GDP read more -->

  • 01-Oct-2019

    A Majority of Virginia Residents Support Legalizing Marijuana, Poll Finds read more -->

  • 30-Sep-2019

    Cannabis research pioneer hopes latest discovery is not overlooked — again read more -->

  • 27-Sep-2019

    Pennsylvania governor says he’s ready to legalize recreational cannabis read more -->

  • 26-Sep-2019

    Historic day: US House passes cannabis banking bill with strong bipartisan support read more -->

  • 25-Sep-2019

    New Cannabis Report Predicts Legal Sales To Reach Nearly $30 Billion By 2025 read more -->

  • 24-Sep-2019

    Why marijuana firms are paying attention as higher education expands MJ course offerings across the read more -->

  • 23-Sep-2019

    Medical cannabis product approved for epilepsy read more -->

  • 17-Sep-2019

    Marijuana banking bill appears headed to landmark US House vote read more -->

  • 12-Sep-2019

    DEA wants to expand cannabis grown for research by 31% read more -->

  • 10-Sep-2019

    How marijuana is poised for a North American takeover read more -->

  • 06-Sep-2019

    Mississippi medical marijuana: Group turns in signatures to get it on 2020 ballot read more -->

  • 05-Sep-2019

    Nevada marijuana sales rise to $639 million in fiscal 2019 read more -->

  • 30-Aug-2019

    This Company Is Offering Cannabis For U.S. Military Veterans At A 30% To 50% Discount read more -->

  • 29-Aug-2019

    Higher Education: The Top Universities Offering Cannabis Degrees read more -->

  • 28-Aug-2019

    New Yorkers can get marijuana convictions expunged under new law read more -->

  • 27-Aug-2019

    DOJ moves to add more marijuana growers for research read more -->

  • 23-Aug-2019

    Petition To Make Recreational Marijuana Use Legal In Florida Filed read more -->

  • 22-Aug-2019

    For The Higher Good: How Cannabis Is Building A More Fair And Diverse Model Of Business read more -->

  • 21-Aug-2019

    Study on cannabis chemical as a treatment for pancreatic cancer may have 'major impact,' Harvard res read more -->

  • 19-Aug-2019

    What Have We Learned After Four Years of Legal Cannabis Sales in CO read more -->

  • 14-Aug-2019

    Pritzker makes medical marijuana program permanent, adds list of new conditions read more -->

  • 13-Aug-2019

    Arizona group files recreational cannabis legalization ballot measure read more -->

  • 12-Aug-2019

    Cannabis Jobs in the US Quadruple Since 2016 read more -->

  • 06-Aug-2019

    Iowa adds chronic pain for medical cannabis; sales boost expected read more -->

  • 05-Aug-2019

    Potential Additional Annual Revenues From States Currently Debating New Cannabis Laws read more -->

  • 31-Jul-2019

    This Is The Most Marijuana-Friendly Congress In History read more -->

  • 29-Jul-2019

    Canadian CBD maker sponsors athlete research with UFC read more -->

  • 26-Jul-2019

    A Pain-Killing Compound 30x Stronger Than Aspirin Is Produced in Cannabis read more -->

  • 25-Jul-2019

    Nadler, Harris to introduce bill decriminalizing pot, expunge marijuana convictions read more -->

  • 22-Jul-2019

    Bipartisan lawmakers offer federal bill to break medical marijuana research logjam read more -->

  • 18-Jul-2019

    Senate Schedules Hearing On Marijuana Business Banking Access read more -->

  • 17-Jul-2019

    Medical cannabis is gaining momentum in Asia read more -->

  • 16-Jul-2019

    FDA Says It Is Speeding Up The CBD Regulation Process read more -->

  • 09-Jul-2019

    Support for marijuana legalization hits new high, CBS News poll finds read more -->

  • 08-Jul-2019

    Cannabis Could be an Effective Treatment for Fibromyalgia Patients, Study read more -->

  • 02-Jul-2019

    Oklahoma’s medical cannabis program powered by rapidly growing patient pool read more -->

  • 01-Jul-2019

    Switzerland aims to join neighbors in legalizing medical marijuana read more -->

  • 27-Jun-2019

    FDA Begins To Evaluate Cannabis Scientifically read more --.

  • 25-Jun-2019

    UMD Offers Country's First Medical Marijuana Masters Progam read more -->

  • 24-Jun-2019

    In ‘historic vote,’ US House protects state-legal cannabis programs read more -->

  • 20-Jun-2019

    Chart: US cannabis employment to jump 34% in 2019 thanks to California, growth in new markets read more -->

  • 19-Jun-2019

    Colorado passes $1 billion in marijuana state revenue read more -->

  • 06-Jun-2019

    Marijuana legalization bill clears first legislative hurdle in Delaware read more -->

  • 05-Jun-2019

    In landmark move, Illinois lawmakers approve adult-use cannabis program that could hit $2 billion in read more -->

  • 29-May-2019

    Harvard, Canadian cannabis firm Atlas ink ‘groundbreaking’ research partnership read more -->

  • 28-May-2019

    TSA now permits FDA-approved epilepsy drug containing cannabis on flights read more -->

  • 24-May-2019

    Texas lawmakers OK new conditions for medical cannabis use read more -->

  • 23-May-2019

    All 50 State Banking Associations Urge Congress To Pass Marijuana Financial Services Bill read more -->

  • 21-May-2019

    Cannabis Is Becoming A Huge Job Creator read more -->

  • 17-May-2019

    Marijuana legalization bill announced read more -->

  • 16-May-2019

    Report: Walmart and Target Want to Sell CBD Products read more -->

  • 15-May-2019

    Arkansas medical marijuana sales top $93,000 in first three days read more -->

  • 14-May-2019

    Analysis: Cannabis Shops Linked To Lower Crime, Increased Property Values read more -->

  • 13-May-2019

    Colorado Marijuana Sales in March Hit Highest Monthly Total Ever read more -->

  • 10-May-2019

    Schumer to reintroduce federal cannabis reform bill read more -->

  • 09-May-2019

    Most state attorneys general back cannabis banking reform; treasurers warming read more -->

  • 08-May-2019

    8 incredible facts about the booming US marijuana industry read more -->

  • 07-May-2019

    More Evidence CBD Can Help Ease a Form of Epilepsy in Kids read more -->

  • 06-May-2019

    US Pot Market Worth US$41 Billion by 2028 if Legal, Says Barclays read more --.

  • 02-May-2019

    The Cannabis Revolution Comes to the Capitol read more -->

  • 30-Apr-2019

    Marijuana Investor Gives $9 Million To Harvard And MIT For Cannabis Science read more -->

  • 29-Apr-2019

    Reps. Earl L. Carter and Earl Blumenauer If marijuana remains a Schedule I substance, we can never d read more -->

  • 26-Apr-2019

    Cannabis, Marijuana, Weed, Pot? Just Call It a Job Machine read more -->

  • 25-Apr-2019

    Alabama lawmakers take initial step of legalizing limited medical cannabis read more -->

  • 24-Apr-2019

    New Report Offers First-Ever Overview Of Global Total Cannabis Market read more -->

  • 18-Apr-2019

    Vitamin Shoppe to sell edible CBD supplements as consumers clamor for cannabis compound read more -->

  • 17-Apr-2019

    ‘It’s Pretty Much A Life Saver’: Man Chooses Medical Marijuana Over His Job read more -->

  • 16-Apr-2019

    How Cannabis Prohibition Is Harming Veterans With PTSD read more -->

  • 11-Apr-2019

    Attorney General Barr: US law protecting state-legal marijuana trumps current situation read more -->

  • 10-Apr-2019

    The STATES Act Is Back. Can It Win Over Congress? read more -->

  • 01-Apr-2019

    Cannabis banking bill advances in committee; full US House vote expected within weeks read more -->

  • 28-Mar-2019

    Guam’s Senate approves legal foundation for adult-use cannabis industry read more-->

  • 27-Mar-2019

    Chart: Medical cannabis license growth still sizzling in Oklahoma read more -->

  • 26-Mar-2019

    Cannabis Pharmaceuticals: Global Legitimacy Through Medical Cannabis Research Programs read more -->

  • 25-Mar-2019

    Romania considering legalization of medical cannabis read more -->

  • 22-Mar-2019

    Where Marijuana Jobs Are Booming Across The U.S. [Infographic] read more -->

  • 21-Mar-2019

    US House committee poised to consider cannabis banking bill next week read more -->

  • 19-Mar-2019

    Cannabis Investors Eye Uruguay in Push for Global Weed Exports read more -->

  • 18-Mar-2019

    Facebook And Whole Foods Offer New Indicators Of Welcome Cannabis Trends read more -->

  • 14-Mar-2019

    Billionaire Peltz joins Aurora Cannabis to advise on partnerships, expansion read more -->

  • 13-Mar-2019

    New Jersey governor formally unveils agreement on adult-use cannabis bill read more -->

  • 12-Mar-2019

    New Study Shows Top Reasons That Patients Are Turning To Cannabis read more -->

  • 11-Mar-2019

    Marijuana firm Cronos closes CA$2.4 billion investment from tobacco giant Altria read more -->

  • 08-Mar-2019

    Three cannabis reform bills reintroduced in Congress read more --.

  • 07-Mar-2019

    New Medical Cannabis Research From Israel: Older Adults, Dementia And Dialysis read more -->

  • 01-Mar-2019

    Bill reintroduced in US Senate to remove cannabis from Controlled Substances Act read more -->

  • 28-Feb-2019

    Report: Global Cannabis Market Will Reach US$166 Billion by 2025 read more -->

  • 27-Feb-2019

    Marijuana Legalization Bills Are Advancing In Several States read more -->

  • 26-Feb-2019

    Adult-use marijuana advances in New Mexico as House panel OKs legalization bill read more -->

  • 25-Feb-2019

    Democratic-controlled Illinois sets eyes on marijuana legalization read more -->

  • 22-Feb-2019

    France's Softening Stance On Cannabis Opens Up Huge Economic Potential read more -->

  • 21-Feb-2019

    European Parliament Passes Cannabis Resolution, Joins WHO In Supporting Medical Marijuana read more -->

  • 13-Feb-2019

    Wild, Wild Weed: Genetics, Business and Poitics Changing Cannabis read more -->

  • 12-Feb-2019

    Chart: Despite product shortages, New Mexico medical marijuana program posts significant growth in 2 read more -->

  • 11-Feb-2019

    John Boehner to chair new national cannabis lobbying group read more -->

  • 08-Feb-2019

    Feds Would Tax Marijuana Under New Senate Bill Actually Numbered S. 420 read more -->

  • 07-Feb-2019

    The First Marijuana Hearing Of The New Congress Has Been Scheduled read more -->

  • 06-Feb-2019

    Gov says it’s still possible for New York to legalize adult-use marijuana by April read more -->

  • 05-Feb-2019

    Updated Projections As Lawmakers Look For Federal Legalization In 2019 read more -->

  • 01-Feb-2019

    World Health Organization recommends rescheduling cannabis, provides clarity on CBD read more -->

  • 31-Jan-2019

    New bill would legalize up to one ounce of marijuana, allow out-of-state medical IDs read more -->

  • 30-Jan-2019

    $86 Billion in Additional U.S. Tax Revenues by 2025: New Frontier Data Projects Federal Cannabis Leg read more -->

  • 29-Jan-2019

    Davos report: Europe could be world’s largest medical marijuana market in 5 years read more -->

  • 25-Jan-2019

    2019 is the year the US legalizes cannabis, CEO of pot firm Acreage says read more -->

  • 24-Jan-2019

    If these Northeast states legalize adult-use marijuana, they could generate billions of dollars in s read more -->

  • 23-Jan-2019

    Global elite set to meet cannabis elite as marijuana industry descends on Davos for first time read more -->

  • 22-Jan-2019

    Chart: Illinois medical marijuana sales strong ahead of opioid-alternative program read more -->

  • 18-Jan-2019

    Why New York’s plan to legalize cannabis for adult recreational use is a big deal read more -->

  • 17-Jan-2019

    AG nominee Barr voices hands-off approach to state-legal cannabis businesses read more -->

  • 16-Jan-2019

    Illinois Governor Reaffirms Commitment to Marijuana Reform During Inaugural Address read more -->

  • 15-Jan-2019

    Cannabis Trade Federation hires 15 DC lobbyists to push for US marijuana law reform read more -->

  • 14-Jan-2019

    Soonn-to-be introduced bill would legalize medical marijjuana in South Carolina read more -->

  • 11-Jan-2019

    Virginia Lawmakers Add Full Legalization To Growing List of Marijuana Bills Being Consideration read more -->

  • 10-Jan-2019

    Cannabis Employees Now Outnumber Pilots and Librarians in America read more -->

  • 09-Jan-2019

    ‘We’re going to trust the doctors.’ Lawmakers push for medical marijuana in Kentucky. read more -->

  • 08-Jan-2019

    Surgeon General Believes It's High Time For Marijuana Reclassification read more -->

  • 02-Jan-2019

    Slideshow: 2018 US Cannabis Business Year in Review read more -->

  • 17-Dec-2018

    Cornell University Research Could Help Hemp Entrepreneurs (And Make Dogs Feel Better) read more -->

  • 14-Dec-2018

    Massachusetts marijuana sales top $7M in first 3 weeks read more -->

  • 13-Dec-2018

    Hemp legalization clears House, off to president for final approval read more -->

  • 11-Dec-2018

    Medical marijuana sales in Maryland tops $96M as market booms in first year of operation read more -->

  • 10-Dec-2018

    Marlboro maker, Cronos join forces in exclusive CA$2.4 billion deal to tap global cannabis opportuni read more -->

  • 06-Dec-2018

    Legalization of Hemp Could Be First Step for Federal Marijuana Protections read more -->

  • 04-Dec-2018

    Cannabis firm confirms investment talks with Marlboro maker read more -->

  • 03-Dec-2018

    Incoming Luxembourg government plans to legalize recreational marijuana read more -->

  • 30-Nov-2018

    Brazilian Lawmakers Approve Medical Marijuana Bill read more -->

  • 29-Nov-2018

    Sales booming at Massachusetts recreational cannabis stores read more -->

  • 28-Nov-2018

    South Korea becomes first country in East Asia to legalize medical marijuana read more -->

  • 27-Nov-2018

    Medical marijuana sales in Maryland set to blow through one expert forecast, reach $100 million read more -->

  • 19-Nov-2018

    Nevada marijuana tax collections top $8M, set new record read more -->

  • 16-Nov-2018

    Making the switch from opioids to cannabis read more -->

  • 15-Nov-2018

    Moulton legislation would push VA on medical marijuana for veterans read more -->

  • 14-Nov-2018

    UNLV's Cannabis Academy helps locals jumpstart marijuana careers read more -->

  • 13-Nov-2018

    Gov wins may provide business boost in some small, moderate cannabis markets read more -->

  • 12-Nov-2018

    Active Ingredient In Marijuana Reduced Alzheimer's-Like Effects In Mice read more -->

  • 08-Nov-2018

    Trump ousts cannabis threat Jeff Sessions as attorney general read more -->

  • 07-Nov-2018

    3 More States OK Easing Their Marijuana Laws: Michigan, Utah, Missouri read more -->

  • 06-Nov-2018

    Chart: Just before Election Day, here’s where public support for state marijuana issues stands read more -->

  • 05-Nov-2018

    First FDA-approved cannabis-based drug now available in the US read more -->

  • 02-Nov-2018

    If they pass, state cannabis initiatives could lead to $2B-plus in new MJ sales, forecast shows read more -->

  • 01-Nov-2018

    Britain welcomes the global cannabis revolution read more -->

  • 31-Oct-2018

    Study: CBD From Marijuana May Affect Pain And Anxiety In Different Ways Than Previously Thought read more -->

  • 30-Oct-2018

    Another Big Election Year For Marijuana As Candidates Recognize Voters Want Legal Weed read more -->

  • 29-Oct-2018

    MSU receives $2.4M NIH grant to advance cannabis research read more -->

  • 25-Oct-2018

    Pennsylvania tops 80,000 medical cannabis patient registrations read more -->

  • 24-Oct-2018

    Two in Three Americans Now Support Legalizing Marijuana read more -->

  • 23-Oct-2018

    Chart: Is marijuana already becoming a mainstream industry? read more -->

  • 22-Oct-2018

    Colorado cracks a billion in annual marijuana sales in record time, generating $200M in tax revenue read more -->

  • 19-Oct-2018

    Congressman Issues 'Blueprint To Legalize Marijuana' For Democratic House In 2019 read more -->

  • 18-Oct-2018

    Is Canada’s marijuana legalization a ‘template’ for the world to follow? read more -->

  • 17-Oct-2018

    Ahead of Canada’s big day, forecast for cannabis industry gets a boost read more -->

  • 16-Oct-2018

    Cannabis in Canada: Who wins and who loses under new law read more -->

  • 15-Oct-2018

    Trump Administration Seeks Public Comments On Marijuana Reclassification read more -->

  • 10-Oct-2018

    About six-in-ten Americans support marijuana legalization read more -->

  • 09-Oct-2018

    Florida's largest medical cannabis producer seeing 'huge transition' from opioids to marijuana treat read more -->

  • 08-Oct-2018

    It's inevitable that marijuana will be decriminalized the US, says CEO of $43 billion alcohol compan read more -->

  • 05-Oct-2018

    Voters In Seven States Will See These Marijuana Questions On Election Day read more -->

  • 04-Oct-2018

    Courts Are Beginning to Rule Against Employers Who Discriminate Against Medical Marijuana Users read more -->

  • 03-Oct-2018

    US lawmakers urge feds to expand approved marijuana growers for research read more -->

  • 02-Oct-2018

    California approves statewide social equity program for cannabis industry read more -->

  • 28-Sep-2018

    DEA moves some CBD medicines off Schedule 1, a limited expansion of cannabis access read more -->

  • 27-Sep-2018

    How colleges and cannabis companies are working together to create pot training programs read more -->

  • 24-Sep-2018

    Marijuana will add $8 billion to Canada’s economy — at least on paper, TD says read more -->

  • 20-Sep-2018

    Feds grant UC San Diego cannabis import license for product from Canada’s Tilray read more -->

  • 18-Sep-2018

    South Africa legalizes private marijuana use for adults read more -->

  • 17-Sep-2018

    Coca-Cola Is Eyeing the Cannabis Market read more -->

  • 13-Sep-2018

    How Medical Marijuana Is Opening The Door To Recreational Cannabis read more -->

  • 11-Sep-2018

    Marlboro maker ‘evaluating opportunities’ in cannabis industry read more -->

  • 07-Sep-2018

    Senate Bill Would Legalize Medical Marijuana For Military Veterans read more -->

  • 06-Sep-2018

    Is Anheuser-Busch Next To Strike A Deal With The Cannabis Industry? read more -->

  • 04-Sep-2018

    Argentina medical school’s cannabis course could open MMJ business opportunities read more -->

  • 31-Aug-2018

    This N.J. school is now letting students minor in marijuana (really) read more -->

  • 30-Aug-2018

    Red-hot Nevada cannabis market exceeds half-billion dollars for fiscal year read more -->

  • 28-Aug-2018

    Bill Would Allow Medical Marijuana On California School Campuses read more -->

  • 27-Aug-2018

    U.K. alcohol giant Diageo circling Canada for cannabis deals read more -->

  • 24-Aug-2018

    California Measure Would Expunge Many Marijuana-Related Crimes read more -->

  • 23-Aug-2018 read more -->

  • 22-Aug-2018

    At The Ballot Box: These Four States Could Legalize Some Form Of Marijuana In November read more -->

  • 21-Aug-2018

    A 5-year-old and her cannabis can go to public kindergarten, California judge rules Read more here: read more -->

  • 20-Aug-2018

    DEA Wants More Marijuana Grown And Fewer Opioids Produced In 2019. Really. read more -->

  • 17-Aug-2018

    ‘Global paradigm shift’: International cannabis business opportunities will accelerate read more -->

  • 16-Aug-2018

    Constellation invests CA$5 billion in cannabis giant Canopy in deal financed by BofA Merrill Lynch read more -->

  • 15-Aug-2018

    North Dakota recreational cannabis measure approved for ballot read more -->

  • 13-Aug-2018

    Heineken is betting on a brew made with marijuana instead of alcohol, and it could help give a boost read more -->

  • 10-Aug-2018

    Lawmakers In U.S. Territory Vote To Legalize Marijuana read more -->

  • 08-Aug-2018

    Nevada’s Marijuana Tax Revenue Expected to Reach $70 Million This Year read more -->

  • 07-Aug-2018

    What Are the Largest Cannabis Markets in the United States? read more -->

  • 06-Aug-2018

    Molson Coors Bets on Pot With Cannabis-Drink Joint Venture read more -->

  • 03-Aug-2018

    Big hits: Cannabis companies on pace to raise record $8 billion in 2018 read more -->

  • 31-Jul-2018

    Study: CBD From Marijuana Plus Chemotherapy Tripled Cancer Survival Rates In Mice read more -->

  • 30-Jul-2018

    Data Shows Global Cannabis Market Could Eclipse USD 30 Billion by 2021 read more -->

  • 27-Jul-2018


  • 26-Jul-2018

    State marijuana reforms could spark tens of millions of dollars in business opportunities read more -->

  • 24-Jul-2018

    Chart: Maryland medical marijuana sales head toward $100 million in first year read more -->

  • 17-Jul-2018

    Key US alcohol trade group endorses legalization of recreational cannabis read more -->

  • 16-Jul-2018

    They worked at Apple, Amazon and Lyft. Now they're working to get you stoned read more -->

  • 13-Jul-2018

    Cannabis boom or bust: How US firms could be affected by Canada’s adult-use market read more -->

  • 12-Jul-2018

    Maine lawmakers overrule governor, paving way for new medical marijuana reform read more -->

  • 11-Jul-2018

    North Dakotans may see recreational cannabis initiative on November ballot read more -->

  • 10-Jul-2018

    Could marijuana help treat opioid addiction? Pennsylvania may soon find out read more -->

  • 09-Jul-2018

    Senate Committee Slams Marijuana's Federal Classification, Saying Schedule I Blocks Research read more -->

  • 03-Jul-2018

    Chart: Federal cannabis policy reform at standstill despite record number of bills in Congress read more -->

  • 02-Jul-2018

    The East Coast Gets Ready for Legal Weed read more -->

  • 29-Jun-2018

    Schumer introduces long-awaited marijuana reform bill read more -->

  • 28-Jun-2018

    Oklahoma Voters Legalize Marijuana For Medical Use read more -->

  • 27-Jun-2018

    FDA approves cannabis-derived medicine; DEA must weigh in read more -->

  • 26-Jun-2018

    Chart: Medical cannabis as alternative to opioids could give Illinois’ MMJ program a massive boost read more -->

  • 21-Jun-2018

    Support for Marijuana Legalization At Record High, New Survey Shows read more -->

  • 20-Jun-2018

    Time is right for marijuana entrepreneurs to enter the global market read more -->

  • 19-Jun-2018

    Cuomo administration to release report supporting marijuana legalization read more -->

  • 18-Jun-2018

    Portugal Approves Use of Cannabis-Based Medicines read more -->

  • 14-Jun-2018

    Aurora buys Canada’s leading cannabis lab for CA$115 million read more -->

  • 13-Jun-2018

    UN Drug Committee Finds Cannabis an Effective, ‘Relatively Safe Drug’ read more -->

  • 12-Jun-2018

    Chart: Timeline for launch, projected sales in seven new marijuana markets read more -->

  • 11-Jun-2018

    President Trump Will ‘Probably’ Back STATES Act to End Federal Prohibition read more -->

  • 08-Jun-2018

    Canada clears major hurdle in legalizing recreational marijuana read more -->

  • 07-Jun-2018

    Report: Legal recreational cannabis sales in Canada to exceed CA$4 billion in 2019 read more -->

  • 06-Jun-2018

    Gallup: Majorities say drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana ‘morally acceptable’ read more -->

  • 05-Jun-2018

    Chart: Cannabis industry supports up to 160,000 full-time jobs, with more growth on horizon read more -->

  • 04-Jun-2018

    Brookings debuts its first documentary-short on medical marijuana in DC read more -->

  • 01-Jun-2018

    Pot for All: How Congress Is Trying to Make Weed Legal read more -->

  • 31-May-2018

    Four state marijuana ballot initiatives likely on tap in 2018, with Oklahoma first up read more -->

  • 30-May-2018

    Chart: US marijuana industry’s economic impact could hit $80 billion by 2022 read more -->

  • 29-May-2018

    New York Democratic Party Endorses Legalizing Marijuana read more -->

  • 24-May-2018

    Four takeaways as Big Alcohol makes another foray into Canada’s cannabis market read more -->

  • 23-May-2018

    Cannabis Industry Delivers 100,000+ Jobs And Billions In Tax Revenue read more -->

  • 22-May-2018

    Chart: Colorado recreational marijuana sales boom in month of March read more -->

  • 21-May-2018

    Congressional Committee Protects Medical Marijuana From Jeff Sessions read more -->

  • 17-May-2018

    Most Georgians want legal recreational cannabis, poll shows read more -->

  • 16-May-2018

    New medical marijuana bill would open the door for more N.J. patients read more -->

  • 15-May-2018

    Chart: Putting the $55 billion US retail cannabis market in perspective read more -->

  • 14-May-2018

    Ohio recreational cannabis ballot initiative clears key hurdle read more -->

  • 11-May-2018

    State Marijuana Legalization Measures Headed For Passage, Polls Show read more -->

  • 10-May-2018

    Exclusive: US marijuana sales may reach $10 billion this year, $22 billion by 2022 read more -->

  • 09-May-2018

    Medical marijuana for PTSD and pain signed into Georgia law read more -->

  • 08-May-2018

    The Most In-Demand Cannabis Careers by City read more -->

  • 07-May-2018

    Zimbabwe legalizes cannabis cultivation, becomes second African nation to adopt MMJ read more -->

  • 04-May-2018

    Maine lawmakers override governor’s veto of recreational marijuana bill read more -->

  • 03-May-2018

    Economic trends show uptick in Alaska marijuana tax revenue, wages read more -->

  • 02-May-2018

    Marijuana Gives Health-Conscious Consumers Something Alcohol Cannot read more -->

  • 01-May-2018

    Poll: 74% of US voters support bill protecting state-legal marijuana programs read more -->

  • 30-Apr-2018

    NFL player makes medical marijuana history: 'I have a life to live' read more -->

  • 26-Apr-2018

    More older Americans are smoking marijuana read more -->

  • 25-Apr-2018

    Top Senate Democrat Pushes Bill To End Marijuana Prohibition read more -->

  • 24-Apr-2018

    “A watershed 4/20.” U.S. cannabis market poised to hit $25B by 2025: report read more -->

  • 20-Apr-2018

    GW Pharmaceuticals’ CEO talks Epidiolex, future of cannabidiol medicine read more -->

  • 19-Apr-2018

    New bill would push VA to conduct more research into medical marijuana read more -->

  • 18-Apr-2018

    Medical marijuana amendment named for local boy passes Colorado House, heads to Senate read more -->

  • 17-Apr-2018

    Trump’s reported pledge spurs question: The beginning of the end of U.S. marijuana prohibition? read more -->

  • 16-Apr-2018

    House passes marijuana convictions bill read more -->

  • 13-Apr-2018

    Maine lawmakers sign off on recreational cannabis bill read more -->

  • 12-Apr-2018

    Cannabis Compound CBD May Offer Medical Marijuana Benefits Without The High read more -->

  • 11-Apr-2018

    Ex-Speaker John Boehner Joins Marijuana Firm’s Advisory Board read more -->

  • 10-Apr-2018

    FDA seeks public input on whether cannabis, CBD should be descheduled read more -->

  • 09-Apr-2018

    Recreational marijuana bill clears Connecticut legislative committee read more -->

  • 06-Apr-2018

    Cannabis sales forecast suggests it may surpass soda by 2030 read more -->

  • 05-Apr-2018

    Massachusetts gets 218 recreational cannabis applicants on first day read more -->

  • 04-Apr-2018

    New studies link legal marijuana to fewer opioid prescriptions under Medicaid and Medicare read more -->

  • 03-Apr-2018

    New Jersey adds five categories to medical marijuana program read more -->

  • 28-Mar-2018

    In a first, Africa exports medical marijuana to Canada read more -->

  • 27-Mar-2018

    In anti-drug Sweden, investors take shine to cannabis stocks read more -->

  • 26-Mar-2018

    New Jersey marijuana legalization could rake in $60 million in taxes read more -->

  • 23-Mar-2018

    Marijuana is the new gold as former Canadian miners turn to cannabis read more -->

  • 22-Mar-2018

    Congress Protects Medical Marijuana From Jeff Sessions In New Federal Spending Bill read more -->

  • 21-Mar-2018

    Unit of big pharmaceutical firm Novartis partners with medical marijuana producer Tilray read more -->

  • 20-Mar-2018

    Will this be the year Connecticut legalizes marijuana? read more -->

  • 19-Mar-2018

    CBD debuts at world’s largest natural products trade show, heralded as “next big thing” read more -->

  • 16-Mar-2018

    California May Drop Cannabis Taxes To Give Legal Sellers A Boost read more -->

  • 15-Mar-2018

    Cannabis Industry Is Saving Cities With Struggling Economies read more -->

  • 14-Mar-2018

    Cannabis Could Generate $106 Billion in Tax Revenue - If It Were Federally Legal read more -->

  • 13-Mar-2018

    Chart: New Mexico’s medical marijuana program breaking records despite bureaucratic inaction read more -->

  • 09-Mar-2018

    Amid medical cannabis supply shortage, Pennsylvania considers flower read more -->

  • 08-Mar-2018

    Puerto Rico medical marijuana market ‘growing exponentially’ read more -->

  • 07-Mar-2018

    Texas judge weighs whether father who treated autistic daughter with marijuana is fit to be her guar read more -->

  • 06-Mar-2018

    Global spending on legal cannabis to hit $57 billion by 2027, report says read more -->

  • 05-Mar-2018

    Nevada’s recreational marijuana sales on pace to hit $60 million in first year read more -->

  • 01-Mar-2018

    Republican lawmaker says VA should study potential benefits of marijuana read more -->

  • 28-Feb-2018

    Malta poised to be next domino to fall in European Union’s medical cannabis wave read more -->

  • 26-Feb-2018

    O Cannabis! New post-secondary courses for weed industry jobs read more -->

  • 23-Feb-2018

    First Louisiana medical cannabis pharmacy targets September opening read more -->

  • 22-Feb-2018

    Recreational marijuana ballot question clears committee read more -->

  • 21-Feb-2018

    Government 'defending the indefensible' over Alfie Dingley's request for cannabis treatment read more -->

  • 20-Feb-2018

    Chart: More dispensaries in Massachusetts drive medical marijuana sales, patient counts higher read more -->

  • 19-Feb-2018

    Colorado marijuana sales break another record, hit $1.5 billion in 2017 read more -->

  • 14-Feb-2018

    Job growth in marijuana industry is skyrocketing read more -->

  • 13-Feb-2018

    Vermont lawmakers consider marijuana conviction expungement measure read more -->

  • 12-Feb-2018

    Big US tobacco company buys stakes in Canadian cannabis growers, American hemp firm read more -->

  • 09-Feb-2018

    Seattle Moves to Drop Old Marijuana Convictions read more -->

  • 08-Feb-2018

    600 Colorado college students to get funds in year three of unique cannabis tax scholarship read more -->

  • 06-Feb-2018

    Chart: Arizona’s massive medical marijuana market keeps growing read more -->

  • 05-Feb-2018

    Mothers Advocating Medical Marijuana for Autism trying to change the laws read more -->

  • 02-Feb-2018

    6-year-old receives Texas' first legal delivery of medical cannabis oil read more -->

  • 01-Feb-2018

    San Francisco To Dismiss Thousands Of Marijuana Convictions read more -->

  • 31-Jan-2018

    Chart: Illinois’ medical marijuana program progressing steadily, but more growth on horizon read more -->

  • 30-Jan-2018

    Marijuana-based anti-seizure drug shows strong study results read more -->

  • 26-Jan-2018

    How Cannabis and CBD Offer Hope in Future Treatments of Autism read more -->

  • 25-Jan-2018

    Global cannabis market poised for 1,000%-plus growth to $140B, report predicts read more -->

  • 24-Jan-2018

    Vermont just became the 9th state to legalize marijuana. Here’s what makes it different. read more -->

  • 23-Jan-2018

    Should marijuana be legal in Michigan? 57% of voters say yes read more -->

  • 22-Jan-2018

    Recreational marijuana legalization bill introduced in Kentucky by GOP senator read more -->

  • 19-Jan-2018

    House Bill Seeks To End War On Marijuana, Spark Recovery Instead read more -->

  • 18-Jan-2018

    New York to look at legalizing recreational marijuana read more -->

  • 16-Jan-2018

    Chart: Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana market set to become one of the country’s biggest read more -->

  • 15-Jan-2018

    Canadian cannabis companies ink deals for nearly CA$1B in funding in 10 days read more -->

  • 12-Jan-2018

    Is this the year state legislatures lead the charge to pass recreational marijuana laws? read more -->

  • 11-Jan-2018

    Vermont Senate approves recreational marijuana bill read more -->

  • 09-Jan-2018

    Oklahoma voters to consider medical marijuana in June read more -->

  • 08-Jan-2018

    Industry insiders, state officials in recreational cannabis markets vow to stay the course read more -->

  • 04-Jan-2018

    “Prohibition is Over”: Day one of recreational sales in California read more -->

  • 03-Jan-2018

    Marijuana Legalization 2018: Which States Might Consider Cannabis Laws This Year? read more -->

  • 02-Jan-2018

    Year in Review: Top 10 stories in the marijuana industry from 2017 read more -->

  • 28-Dec-2017

    Nevada recreational marijuana sales set record in October, hitting nearly $38M read more -->

  • 27-Dec-2017

    These States Are Likely To Legalize Marijuana In 2018

    read more -->

  • 19-Dec-2017

    Move Over California -- Canada's Opening Its Own $5B Cannabis Market In 2018

  • 18-Dec-2017

    Global cannabis industry raises whopping $2.7 billion in 2017 read more -->

  • 14-Dec-2017

    Medical marijuana has no health risks: WHO read more -->

  • 13-Dec-2017

    Children's Hospital of Philadelphia to study medical marijuana and autism read more -->

  • 12-Dec-2017

    Ohio recreational marijuana campaign unveiled for 2018 read more -->

  • 08-Dec-2017

    L.A. to become largest U.S. city with legal recreational marijuana read more -->

  • 07-Dec-2017

    Oklahomans will vote on medical marijuana in 2018 read more -->

  • 06-Dec-2017

    Surgeon general: Cannabis deserves further medical research read more -->

  • 05-Dec-2017

    Maryland patients’ long wait finally over as MMJ dispensaries open for business read more -->

  • 01-Dec-2017

    Medical cannabis now used to treat autism, sleep apnea in Minnesota read more -->

  • 30-Nov-2017

    Poll: Most New York voters support recreational cannabis read more -->

  • 29-Nov-2017

    Deal-Making in the Cannabis Industry Hits an All-Time High: What It Means for Marijuana Stocks read more -->

  • 28-Nov-2017

    New Report Suggests Marijuana Dispensaries Are as Profitable as Starbucks read more -->

  • 27-Nov-2017

    New U.S. medical marijuana markets – one year later read more -->

  • 15-Nov-2017

    Pot initiatives: Predicting the next 15 states to legalize marijuana read more -->

  • 14-Nov-2017

    Jeff Sessions sued by 12-year-old girl with epilepsy who wants to legalize medical marijuana read more -->

  • 13-Nov-2017

    Report: International cannabis market will surpass $31 billion read more -->

  • 10-Nov-2017

    FDA Is Open To Medical Marijuana For Vets, But Other Agencies Stand In The Way read more -->

  • 08-Nov-2017

    With Phil Murphy's win, it's 'full steam ahead' for legal marijuana read more -->

  • 07-Nov-2017

    It pays to be a scientist in the marijuana industry read more -->

  • 06-Nov-2017

    “A significant event”: CBD-based pharma drug Epidiolex presented to FDA for approval read more -->

  • 02-Nov-2017

    NJ court: Marijuana’s Schedule 1 status must be reviewed read more -->

  • 01-Nov-2017

    Why Are So Many Cancer Patients Using Marijuana? read more -->

  • 31-Oct-2017

    Alcohol goliath pours $190M into Canadian cannabis company read more -->

  • 30-Oct-2017

    University to study medical cannabis as opioid alternative read more -->

  • 27-Oct-2017

    Report: European cannabis market could reach $66.8 billion read more -->

  • 26-Oct-2017

    Latest Gallup poll: Americans favor marijuana legalization more than ever read more -->

  • 20-Oct-2017

    Another country is getting ready to vote on legalizing cannabis read more -->

  • 19-Oct-2017

    First business approved to grow medical marijuana in Pennsylvania read more -->

  • 18-Oct-2017

    Legalize marijuana in Jersey? Your choice for governor will determine that read more -->

  • 17-Oct-2017

    Recreational marijuana is saving lives in Colorado, study suggests read more -->

  • 13-Oct-2017

    Want to study the business of marijuana? There's a degree program for that read more -->

  • 12-Oct-2017

    Colorado’s 2017 marijuana sales reach $1 billion in just eight months read more -->

  • 10-Oct-2017

    Chart: Record first month of recreational marijuana sales in Nevada read more -->

  • 09-Oct-2017

    Retail marijuana is spreading to California, Massachusetts and Maine read more -->

  • 05-Oct-2017

    Canada could add 150,000 cannabis jobs – some with salaries nearing six digits read more -->

  • 28-Sep-2017

    Philippines Health Committee Passes Medical Cannabis Bill read more -->

  • 27-Sep-2017

    Vermont issues fifth medical marijuana business license read more -->

  • 26-Sep-2017

    Pennsylvania support for legal recreational marijuana nears 60% read more -->

  • 25-Sep-2017

    Some Universities Offer Classes On Marijuana. LSU Plans to Grow It. read more -->

  • 21-Sep-2017

    How the Cannabis Industry Has a Growing Need for Innovation and Jobs read more -->

  • 20-Sep-2017

    California Officially Calls On Feds To Reclassify Marijuana read more -->

  • 19-Sep-2017

    New Hampshire Marijuana Decriminalization Takes Effect read more -->

  • 18-Sep-2017

    Delaware makes it easier for PTSD sufferers to get medical marijuana read more -->

  • 15-Sep-2017

    Milestone for Colorado marijuana: $100M in monthly recreational sales read more -->

  • 14-Sep-2017

    Cannabis Jobs Count: Legal Marijuana Supports 149,304 Americans read more -->

  • 13-Sep-2017

    U.S. Senate committee calls for national marijuana testing program read more -->

  • 12-Sep-2017

    CBD patch turns former NFL star linebacker into cannabidiol disciple read more -->

  • 11-Sep-2017

    Canada’s Tilray to spend $24M to build marijuana facility in Portugal read more -->

  • 08-Sep-2017

    First Cannabis Ad Runs on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC read more -->

  • 07-Sep-2017

    Lone Star landmark: Texas issues first medical cannabis license read more -->

  • 06-Sep-2017

    As L.A.'s Marijuana Market Explodes, a Snapshot of the New Pot Buyer Emerges read more -->

  • 05-Sep-2017

    With more cultivators coming online, Alaska's marijuana industry hits new tax highs read more -->

  • 01-Sep-2017

    Israeli, Canadian firms partner to run four US marijuana facilities read more -->

  • 31-Aug-2017

    Which state legislatures could legalize recreational, medical marijuana in 2018? read more -->

  • 30-Aug-2017

    Why Marijuana Compounds Could Eventually Replace Anti-Anxiety Meds read more -->

  • 28-Aug-2017

    Cannabis medicines firm GW Pharma plans UK expansion read more -->

  • 24-Aug-2017

    Oregon gov, police chief say Sessions’ marijuana claims based on flawed, leaked, draft report read more -->

  • 23-Aug-2017

    Multiple 2018 marijuana legalization campaigns already underway read more -->

  • 18-Aug-2017

    Medical marijuana bill on its way to Indiana legislature — and a Republican is behind it read more -->

  • 17-Aug-2017

    Alaska and Washington govs push back on Sessions’ marijuana enforcement letters read more -->

  • 16-Aug-2017

    Research pioneer Israel approves exporting medical marijuana read more -->

  • 15-Aug-2017

    Feds to Study Medical Marijuana’s Effect on Opioid Use read more -->

  • 14-Aug-2017

    Colorado marijuana sales top $750 million at 2017 midpoint read more -->

  • 11-Aug-2017

    Cannabis Shows Great Promise in Treating Cancer—Let’s Not Wreck It With Hyperbole read more -->

  • 10-Aug-2017

    Public support for medical and recreational marijuana legalization hits all-time high read more -->

  • 09-Aug-2017

    Is cannabis too lucrative to be illegal? read more -->

  • 08-Aug-2017

    Girl, 11, suing to legalize medical cannabis read more -->

  • 07-Aug-2017

    Minnesota medical cannabis market opens to PTSD patients read more -->

  • 04-Aug-2017

    Marijuana company buys California town envisioning cannabis Epcot Center read more -->

  • 03-Aug-2017

    Study: Nearly Half Of People Who Use Cannabidiol Products Stop Taking Traditional Medicines read more -->

  • 02-Aug-2017

    $770 million windfall: Canadian marijuana companies see surge in new investments read more -->

  • 19-Jul-2017

    Auditor General renews call for legal recreational marijuana read more -->

  • 18-Jul-2017

    Uruguay to begin recreational cannabis sales July 19 read more -->

  • 17-Jul-2017

    Help and hope: Can cannabis be used to fight cancer? read more -->

  • 14-Jul-2017

    Monthly marijuana sales of $100 million the ‘new norm’ in Colorado read more -->

  • 12-Jul-2017

    Nevada marijuana stash nearly cashed after less than two weeks of legal sales read more -->

  • 11-Jul-2017

    Here’s how millions in Colorado pot taxes are being used to fix up outdated, sagging schools read more -->

  • 10-Jul-2017

    This Texan’s daughter needed medical marijuana, so he moved to Colorado read more -->

  • 07-Jul-2017

    Minnesota medical cannabis program to include PTSD sufferers read more -->

  • 06-Jul-2017

    Reno marijuana dispensaries making big money in first week read more -->

  • 05-Jul-2017

    Marijuana Fans Cheer as Recreational Pot Goes on Sale in Nevada read more -->

  • 30-Jun-2017

    93% of Patients Prefer Cannabis Over Opioids For Managing Pain, According to New Study read more -->

  • 29-Jun-2017

    Nevada rec sales set to start Saturday with potential to (temporarily) be country’s biggest market read more -->

  • 28-Jun-2017

    This medical marijuana start-up uses artificial intelligence to find which strain is best for you read more -->

  • 27-Jun-2017

    Chart: Cannabis industry employs 165,000-plus workers read more -->

  • 26-Jun-2017

    High hopes ride on marijuana painkillers amid opioid crisis read more -->

  • 23-Jun-2017

    Battelle to study effects of opioids, marijuana read more -->

  • 22-Jun-2017

    New York poised to add PTSD to MMJ qualifying conditions read more -->

  • 20-Jun-2017

    New Jersey Moves Closer to Legalizing Recreational Marijuana read more -->

  • 19-Jun-2017

    Cannabis industry org forms to “be ready” for national legalization read more -->

  • 15-Jun-2017

    UK gets first publicly available dedicated cannabis research facility read more -->

  • 14-Jun-2017

    18,000 now use medical marijuana in CT read more -->

  • 13-Jun-2017

    Chart: U.S. marijuana industry’s economic impact to approach $70B by 2021 read more -->

  • 12-Jun-2017

    Colorado marijuana sales in April 2017 top $125 million read more -->

  • 08-Jun-2017

    Cannabis, combined with chemotherapy, effectively destroys cancer cells read more -->

  • 07-Jun-2017

    Colorado Governor Signs PTSD Cannabis Bill Into Law read more -->

  • 06-Jun-2017

    California Assembly passes “marijuana sanctuary state” bill read more -->

  • 05-Jun-2017

    Parents promote benefits of medical cannabis at Pittsburgh conference read more -->

  • 02-Jun-2017

    Trump Casts Cloud Over Cannabis, But Money Keeps Pouring In read more -->

  • 01-Jun-2017

    Recreational marijuana sales in Nevada likely a month away, could be a boon for Las Vegas read more -->

  • 31-May-2017

    Chart: Retail marijuana sales vs. other industries & goods read more -->

  • 30-May-2017

    Largest, most rigorous study to date confirms CBD oil helps some kids with epilepsy read more -->

  • 23-May-2017

    American Legion calls on Trump to take cannabis off Schedule I to help vets read more -->

  • 22-May-2017

    Cannabis for kids: Some parents praise pot to treat autism, other disorders despite lack of research read more -->

  • 19-May-2017

    Maryland Grants First-Ever License to Grow Medical Cannabis read more -->

  • 18-May-2017

    Exclusive: U.S. marijuana sales could rise 35% in 2017, hit $17B annually by 2021 read more -->

  • 17-May-2017

    New Report Says Total Marijuana Demand Tops Ice Cream read more -->

  • 16-May-2017

    N.J. legislator planting seeds for recreational marijuana legalization post-Christie read more -->

  • 15-May-2017

    New Hampshire Senate joins House (and New England) in deciding weed should be decriminalized read more -->

  • 12-May-2017


  • 11-May-2017

    Colorado marijuana sales top $131M, set record in March 2017 read more -->

  • 10-May-2017

    The Marijuana Industry Is Getting Supersized read more -->

  • 09-May-2017

    Study: Marijuana Ingredient Improves Memory in Aging Brains read more -->

  • 08-May-2017

    Legal Pot States Expanding? Vermont House Approves Recreational Marijuana Bill read more-->

  • 05-May-2017

    Michigan could be the next state to legalize marijuana read more-->

  • 03-May-2017

    Medical cannabis businesses get breathing room after Congress extends key protections read more -->

  • 02-May-2017

    Texas House set to hear medical marijuana bill read more -->

  • 01-May-2017

    Update: After meeting with Sessions, Colorado gov thinks AG unlikely to crack down on marijuana read more -->

  • 28-Apr-2017

    I spent 20 years on Wall Street. Now I'm investing in marijuana read more -->

  • 27-Apr-2017

    International org takes on creating safety and other standards for cannabis industry read more -->

  • 26-Apr-2017

    Polls: Americans back federal cannabis legalization, states’ rights read more -->

  • 25-Apr-2017

    Marijuana may be a miracle treatment for children with autism read more -->

  • 24-Apr-2017

    Study: National medical marijuana laws would save lives — and a billion taxpayer dollars read more -->

  • 21-Apr-2017

    West Virginia becomes 30th state to legalize medical cannabis read more -->

  • 20-Apr-2017

    4/20 is Black Friday for marijuana merchants read more -->

  • 19-Apr-2017

    Cannabis, the new secret to baby soft skin? read more -->

  • 18-Apr-2017

    Marijuana businesses worry about Trump, but expect to prevail read more -->

  • 13-Apr-2017

    Colorado cannabis sales top $126M in February 2017 amid federal uncertainty read more -->

  • 12-Apr-2017

    $1 Billion In Marijuana Taxes Is Addictive To State Governors read more -->

  • 10-Apr-2017

    New federal bill would reschedule marijuana as Schedule III read more -->

  • 07-Apr-2017

    What Marijuana Legalization in Canada Could Mean for the United States read more -->

  • 06-Apr-2017

    Canadian Companies Add Cannabis Coverage to Health Insurance read more -->

  • 05-Apr-2017

    Kansas City, Mo., Voters Approve $25 Fine In Easing Of Marijuana Law read more -->

  • 03-Apr-2017

    Argentina legalizes medical cannabis, creates research program with free access read more -->

  • 31-Mar-2017

    Bipartisan “Path to Marijuana Reform” bills introduced to decriminalize, protect, regulate cannabis read more -->

  • 30-Mar-2017

    Georgia lawmakers expand medical cannabis conditions, but still haven’t legalized cultivation read more -->

  • 29-Mar-2017

    Can Marijuana Replace Lost Steel Jobs? Pennsylvania Town Has High Hopes. read more -->

  • 28-Mar-2017

    Canada Will Legalize Cannabis in 2018, Set Legal Age At 18 read more -->

  • 27-Mar-2017

    Dozens of industries could see a boost from legalized marijuana read more -->

  • 24-Mar-2017

    How Israel Plans to Get Into the $50 Billion Medical Marijuana Market read more -->

  • 23-Mar-2017

    Illinois lawmakers propose legalizing recreational marijuana read more -->

  • 22-Mar-2017

    One big thing opponents of marijuana warned about is not happening read more -->

  • 21-Mar-2017

    Israeli-American partnership to launch cannabis sleep aid read more -->

  • 20-Mar-2017

    Aussie medical cannabis company raises AU$10 million read more -->

  • 15-Mar-2017

    AG Sessions signals no major federal marijuana crackdown read more -->

  • 13-Mar-2017

    Canadian researchers to study cannabis oil to treat kids’ epilepsy read more -->

  • 09-Mar-2017

    New Hampshire bills decriminalizing marijuana, expanding MMJ easily clear House read more -->

  • 08-Mar-2017

    Israel makes it official: Cannabis is not a crime read more -->

  • 07-Mar-2017

    Complete guide to federal marijuana bills, Congressional Cannabis Caucus read more -->

  • 06-Mar-2017

    Mothers in Peru Lead the Fight for Medical Cannabis Legislation read more -->

  • 03-Mar-2017

    Virginia Republican introduces bill to end federal marijuana prohibition read more -->

  • 02-Mar-2017

    Texas father risks arrest to treat self-harming autistic daughter with marijuana read more -->

  • 01-Mar-2017

    The 'Tesla of cannabis' is opening a massive, custom-built marijuana greenhouse read more -->

  • 28-Feb-2017

    Given the choice, patients will reach for cannabis over prescribed opioids read more -->

  • 27-Feb-2017

    Sean Spicer correlated marijuana use to opioid addiction. Medical research is not on his side read more -->

  • 24-Feb-2017

    NCIA’s Statement On Trump Administration’s Marijuana Policy Comments read more -->

  • 23-Feb-2017

    Report: America’s marijuana industry headed for $24 billion by 2025 read more -->

  • 22-Feb-2017

    Financial analysts say purchasing shares of WEED right now is like “buying Amazon in 1997” read more -->

  • 21-Feb-2017

    Here's what's driving lawmakers working to legalize recreational pot in 17 more states read more -->

  • 20-Feb-2017

    Marijuana businesses could add up to $5M per year to Alaskan peninsula’s economy read more -->

  • 17-Feb-2017

    Pro-Marijuana Lawmakers Form First Ever Congressional Cannabis Caucus read more -->

  • 16-Feb-2017

    High-Profile Keynote Speakers Address Future of Cannabis and Sports Therapies at World Medical Marij read more -->

  • 15-Feb-2017

    Cannabis Stock Index Grew 236% In 2016 read more -->

  • 14-Feb-2017

    Peru’s president wants to legalize medical marijuana read more -->

  • 10-Feb-2017

    Medicinal cannabis: Italy's state-approved drug baron shares all read more -->

  • 09-Feb-2017

    Minn. Lawmakers Introduce Bills To Legalize Recreational Marijuana read more -->

  • 08-Feb-2017

    Cannabis Drug Could Extend Lives of Brain Cancer Patients, Study Finds read more -->

  • 07-Feb-2017

    How Congress is getting serious about cannabis amid White House uncertainty read more -->

  • 03-Feb-2017

    Patients Are Ditching Opioid Pills for Weed read more -->

  • 02-Feb-2017

    Utah bill allowing universities to study medical marijuana moves forward read more -->

  • 01-Feb-2017

    California Looks to Build $7 Billion Legal Cannabis Economy read more -->

  • 31-Jan-2017

    Bill adding PTSD to Colorado medical marijuana list clears Senate committee read more -->

  • 30-Jan-2017

    Recreational marijuana is now legal in Maine. Here’s what you need to know read more -->

  • 26-Jan-2017

    Whoa. The NFLPA just announced a proposal for ‘less punitive’ approach to player pot use read more -->

  • 24-Jan-2017

    North Americans Are Spending Nearly As Much On Marijuana As They Do On Wine read more -->

  • 23-Jan-2017

    Tax hike: What it could mean for consumers, industry in Colorado read more -->

  • 20-Jan-2017

    Part 2, How Many Jobs Depend on Legal Cannabis read more -->

  • 19-Jan-2017

    One year in, New Hampshire’s medical marijuana program helps thousands read more -->

  • 18-Jan-2017

    National Academy Of Sciences Pushes For Rescheduling Of Marijuana read more -->

  • 17-Jan-2017

    NerdWallet lists 5 best industries for entrepreneurs in 2017 read more -->

  • 13-Jan-2017

    National Academy Of Sciences: Marijuana Is An Effective Medicine read more -->

  • 12-Jan-2017

    ‘I’m tired of seeing people suffering’: South Carolina medical marijuana bill gains ground read more -->

  • 11-Jan-2017

    Medical Marijuana Effects On The Human Brain: Cannabis May Actually Improve Cognitive Function read more -->

  • 10-Jan-2017

    Relaxation of laws means that cannabis is a growing opportunity: Investor read more -->

  • 09-Jan-2017

    Business is booming: North American marijuana sales up 30 percent in 2016 read more -->

  • 06-Jan-2017

    How medical marijuana is helping a boy whose parents ran out of options read more -->

  • 05-Jan-2017

    What to know about Florida medical marijuana as it goes into effect read more -->

  • 04-Jan-2017

    Elizabeth Warren Wants to Get the Cannabis Industry Out of Banking Limbo read more -->

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    7 States To Watch In 2017 For Marijuana Legalization read more -->

  • 29-Dec-2016

    A Future For South Carolina Medical Cannabis In 2017 read more -->

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    Six Predictions For The Marijuana Industry In 2017 read more -->

  • 27-Dec-2016

    What Were The Top Marijuana Moments In 2016? read more -->

  • 23-Dec-2016

    The Arthritis Society Funds Medical Marijuana Research For Fibromyalgia read more -->

  • 22-Dec-2016

    Help at the end: America’s oldest hospice to study medical marijuana read more -->

  • 21-Dec-2016

    Marijuana Industry Raises Over $1 Billion In 2016 read more -->

  • 20-Dec-2016

    Thanks to new proposed rules, 40 shops could dispense Ohio medical marijuana read more -->

  • 19-Dec-2016

    Want to Research Medical Marijuana? Israel Is Open for Business read more -->

  • 16-Dec-2016

    Week in Review: Canada’s cannabis guidelines, Ohio’s dispensary rules & MJ’s big week in DC read more -->

  • 15-Dec-2016

    Marijuana Is Now Officially Legal In Massachusetts read more -->

  • 14-Dec-2016

    Oregon Cannabis Revenue Exceeds Expectation, Tops $50 Million in 2016 read more -->

  • 13-Dec-2016

    Colorado marijuana shops sold more than $1 billion of cannabis in first 10 months of 2016 read more -->

  • 12-Dec-2016

    In this new era for marijuana, let’s examine its medical uses read more -->

  • 09-Dec-2016

    Whoa, grandpa. Wanna talk weed? This new adult marijuana use study may shock you read more -->

  • 08-Dec-2016

    This state could account for 14 percent of the U.S. medical marijuana market by 2020 read more -->

  • 06-Dec-2016

    Texas Senator Menendez To File Medical Marijuana Bill Tomorrow read more -->

  • 05-Dec-2016

    United States of Marijuana: These might be the next 5 states to legalize weed read more -->

  • 02-Dec-2016

    Medical marijuana in NY soon available for chronic pain read more -->

  • 01-Dec-2016

    How Cannabis Could Turn the Opioid Epidemic Around read more -->

  • 30-Nov-2016

    Cannabis to be tested in kids with severe epilepsy read more -->

  • 29-Nov-2016

    Medical marijuana patient numbers, dispensary sales steadily climbing in Illinois read more -->

  • 28-Nov-2016

    Cannabis and Epilepsy: Power to the Plant read more -->

  • 17-Nov-2016

    Cannabis Medicinals Sales Expected to Reach $2 Billion by 2020 read more -->

  • 15-Nov-2016

    New Mexico moves closer to legalizing recreational use of cannabis read more -->

  • 14-Nov-2016

    Why legal retail marijuana in Massachusetts is a political game-changer for the East Coast read more -->

  • 11-Nov-2016

    Veterans Day: Texas Vets Fight for Medical Cannabis Legalization read more -->

  • 10-Nov-2016

    What’s next for U.S. marijuana industry under President Trump? read more -->

  • 09-Nov-2016

    An $8 billion night: 7 states legalize medical, recreational cannabis in historic election read more -->

  • 08-Nov-2016

    Definitive guide to marijuana on the 2016 ballot: Recreational & medical initiatives Read More -->