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  • 24-Apr-2017

    Study: National medical marijuana laws would save lives — and a billion taxpayer dollars read more -->

  • 21-Apr-2017

    West Virginia becomes 30th state to legalize medical cannabis read more -->

  • 20-Apr-2017

    4/20 is Black Friday for marijuana merchants read more -->

  • 19-Apr-2017

    Cannabis, the new secret to baby soft skin? read more -->

  • 18-Apr-2017

    Marijuana businesses worry about Trump, but expect to prevail read more -->

  • 13-Apr-2017

    Colorado cannabis sales top $126M in February 2017 amid federal uncertainty read more -->

  • 12-Apr-2017

    $1 Billion In Marijuana Taxes Is Addictive To State Governors read more -->

  • 10-Apr-2017

    New federal bill would reschedule marijuana as Schedule III read more -->

  • 07-Apr-2017

    What Marijuana Legalization in Canada Could Mean for the United States read more -->

  • 06-Apr-2017

    Canadian Companies Add Cannabis Coverage to Health Insurance read more -->

  • 05-Apr-2017

    Kansas City, Mo., Voters Approve $25 Fine In Easing Of Marijuana Law read more -->

  • 03-Apr-2017

    Argentina legalizes medical cannabis, creates research program with free access read more -->

  • 31-Mar-2017

    Bipartisan “Path to Marijuana Reform” bills introduced to decriminalize, protect, regulate cannabis read more -->

  • 30-Mar-2017

    Georgia lawmakers expand medical cannabis conditions, but still haven’t legalized cultivation read more -->

  • 29-Mar-2017

    Can Marijuana Replace Lost Steel Jobs? Pennsylvania Town Has High Hopes. read more -->

  • 28-Mar-2017

    Canada Will Legalize Cannabis in 2018, Set Legal Age At 18 read more -->

  • 27-Mar-2017

    Dozens of industries could see a boost from legalized marijuana read more -->

  • 24-Mar-2017

    How Israel Plans to Get Into the $50 Billion Medical Marijuana Market read more -->

  • 23-Mar-2017

    Illinois lawmakers propose legalizing recreational marijuana read more -->

  • 22-Mar-2017

    One big thing opponents of marijuana warned about is not happening read more -->

  • 21-Mar-2017

    Israeli-American partnership to launch cannabis sleep aid read more -->

  • 20-Mar-2017

    Aussie medical cannabis company raises AU$10 million read more -->

  • 15-Mar-2017

    AG Sessions signals no major federal marijuana crackdown read more -->

  • 13-Mar-2017

    Canadian researchers to study cannabis oil to treat kids’ epilepsy read more -->

  • 09-Mar-2017

    New Hampshire bills decriminalizing marijuana, expanding MMJ easily clear House read more -->

  • 08-Mar-2017

    Israel makes it official: Cannabis is not a crime read more -->

  • 07-Mar-2017

    Complete guide to federal marijuana bills, Congressional Cannabis Caucus read more -->

  • 06-Mar-2017

    Mothers in Peru Lead the Fight for Medical Cannabis Legislation read more -->

  • 03-Mar-2017

    Virginia Republican introduces bill to end federal marijuana prohibition read more -->

  • 02-Mar-2017

    Texas father risks arrest to treat self-harming autistic daughter with marijuana read more -->

  • 01-Mar-2017

    The 'Tesla of cannabis' is opening a massive, custom-built marijuana greenhouse read more -->

  • 28-Feb-2017

    Given the choice, patients will reach for cannabis over prescribed opioids read more -->

  • 27-Feb-2017

    Sean Spicer correlated marijuana use to opioid addiction. Medical research is not on his side read more -->

  • 24-Feb-2017

    NCIA’s Statement On Trump Administration’s Marijuana Policy Comments read more -->

  • 23-Feb-2017

    Report: America’s marijuana industry headed for $24 billion by 2025 read more -->

  • 22-Feb-2017

    Financial analysts say purchasing shares of WEED right now is like “buying Amazon in 1997” read more -->

  • 21-Feb-2017

    Here's what's driving lawmakers working to legalize recreational pot in 17 more states read more -->

  • 20-Feb-2017

    Marijuana businesses could add up to $5M per year to Alaskan peninsula’s economy read more -->

  • 17-Feb-2017

    Pro-Marijuana Lawmakers Form First Ever Congressional Cannabis Caucus read more -->

  • 16-Feb-2017

    High-Profile Keynote Speakers Address Future of Cannabis and Sports Therapies at World Medical Marij read more -->

  • 15-Feb-2017

    Cannabis Stock Index Grew 236% In 2016 read more -->

  • 14-Feb-2017

    Peru’s president wants to legalize medical marijuana read more -->

  • 10-Feb-2017

    Medicinal cannabis: Italy's state-approved drug baron shares all read more -->

  • 09-Feb-2017

    Minn. Lawmakers Introduce Bills To Legalize Recreational Marijuana read more -->

  • 08-Feb-2017

    Cannabis Drug Could Extend Lives of Brain Cancer Patients, Study Finds read more -->

  • 07-Feb-2017

    How Congress is getting serious about cannabis amid White House uncertainty read more -->

  • 03-Feb-2017

    Patients Are Ditching Opioid Pills for Weed read more -->

  • 02-Feb-2017

    Utah bill allowing universities to study medical marijuana moves forward read more -->

  • 01-Feb-2017

    California Looks to Build $7 Billion Legal Cannabis Economy read more -->

  • 31-Jan-2017

    Bill adding PTSD to Colorado medical marijuana list clears Senate committee read more -->

  • 30-Jan-2017

    Recreational marijuana is now legal in Maine. Here’s what you need to know read more -->

  • 26-Jan-2017

    Whoa. The NFLPA just announced a proposal for ‘less punitive’ approach to player pot use read more -->

  • 24-Jan-2017

    North Americans Are Spending Nearly As Much On Marijuana As They Do On Wine read more -->

  • 23-Jan-2017

    Tax hike: What it could mean for consumers, industry in Colorado read more -->

  • 20-Jan-2017

    Part 2, How Many Jobs Depend on Legal Cannabis read more -->

  • 19-Jan-2017

    One year in, New Hampshire’s medical marijuana program helps thousands read more -->

  • 18-Jan-2017

    National Academy Of Sciences Pushes For Rescheduling Of Marijuana read more -->

  • 17-Jan-2017

    NerdWallet lists 5 best industries for entrepreneurs in 2017 read more -->

  • 13-Jan-2017

    National Academy Of Sciences: Marijuana Is An Effective Medicine read more -->

  • 12-Jan-2017

    ‘I’m tired of seeing people suffering’: South Carolina medical marijuana bill gains ground read more -->

  • 11-Jan-2017

    Medical Marijuana Effects On The Human Brain: Cannabis May Actually Improve Cognitive Function read more -->

  • 10-Jan-2017

    Relaxation of laws means that cannabis is a growing opportunity: Investor read more -->

  • 09-Jan-2017

    Business is booming: North American marijuana sales up 30 percent in 2016 read more -->

  • 06-Jan-2017

    How medical marijuana is helping a boy whose parents ran out of options read more -->

  • 05-Jan-2017

    What to know about Florida medical marijuana as it goes into effect read more -->

  • 04-Jan-2017

    Elizabeth Warren Wants to Get the Cannabis Industry Out of Banking Limbo read more -->

  • 03-Jan-2017

    7 States To Watch In 2017 For Marijuana Legalization read more -->

  • 29-Dec-2016

    A Future For South Carolina Medical Cannabis In 2017 read more -->

  • 28-Dec-2016

    Six Predictions For The Marijuana Industry In 2017 read more -->

  • 27-Dec-2016

    What Were The Top Marijuana Moments In 2016? read more -->

  • 23-Dec-2016

    The Arthritis Society Funds Medical Marijuana Research For Fibromyalgia read more -->

  • 22-Dec-2016

    Help at the end: America’s oldest hospice to study medical marijuana read more -->

  • 21-Dec-2016

    Marijuana Industry Raises Over $1 Billion In 2016 read more -->

  • 20-Dec-2016

    Thanks to new proposed rules, 40 shops could dispense Ohio medical marijuana read more -->

  • 19-Dec-2016

    Want to Research Medical Marijuana? Israel Is Open for Business read more -->

  • 16-Dec-2016

    Week in Review: Canada’s cannabis guidelines, Ohio’s dispensary rules & MJ’s big week in DC read more -->

  • 15-Dec-2016

    Marijuana Is Now Officially Legal In Massachusetts read more -->

  • 14-Dec-2016

    Oregon Cannabis Revenue Exceeds Expectation, Tops $50 Million in 2016 read more -->

  • 13-Dec-2016

    Colorado marijuana shops sold more than $1 billion of cannabis in first 10 months of 2016 read more -->

  • 12-Dec-2016

    In this new era for marijuana, let’s examine its medical uses read more -->

  • 09-Dec-2016

    Whoa, grandpa. Wanna talk weed? This new adult marijuana use study may shock you read more -->

  • 08-Dec-2016

    This state could account for 14 percent of the U.S. medical marijuana market by 2020 read more -->

  • 06-Dec-2016

    Texas Senator Menendez To File Medical Marijuana Bill Tomorrow read more -->

  • 05-Dec-2016

    United States of Marijuana: These might be the next 5 states to legalize weed read more -->

  • 02-Dec-2016

    Medical marijuana in NY soon available for chronic pain read more -->

  • 01-Dec-2016

    How Cannabis Could Turn the Opioid Epidemic Around read more -->

  • 30-Nov-2016

    Cannabis to be tested in kids with severe epilepsy read more -->

  • 29-Nov-2016

    Medical marijuana patient numbers, dispensary sales steadily climbing in Illinois read more -->

  • 28-Nov-2016

    Cannabis and Epilepsy: Power to the Plant read more -->

  • 17-Nov-2016

    Cannabis Medicinals Sales Expected to Reach $2 Billion by 2020 read more -->

  • 15-Nov-2016

    New Mexico moves closer to legalizing recreational use of cannabis read more -->

  • 14-Nov-2016

    Why legal retail marijuana in Massachusetts is a political game-changer for the East Coast read more -->

  • 11-Nov-2016

    Veterans Day: Texas Vets Fight for Medical Cannabis Legalization read more -->

  • 10-Nov-2016

    What’s next for U.S. marijuana industry under President Trump? read more -->

  • 09-Nov-2016

    An $8 billion night: 7 states legalize medical, recreational cannabis in historic election read more -->

  • 08-Nov-2016

    Definitive guide to marijuana on the 2016 ballot: Recreational & medical initiatives Read More -->