Investment Strategy

Everyone has an investment strategy, here's our

Investment Research Corporation (the "Adviser") manages the Fund by searching for companies/investments with growth potential that could show faster growth than markets indexes. The Adviser also looks for securities that are considered undervalued or out of favor with investors or are expected to increase in price over time. We use a consistent approach to build the Fund’s security portfolio which is made up primarily of common stocks involved, in at least some way, in the legal cannabis business. In addition to the principal investment strategy, we may also invest in securities convertible into common stock in companies involved, in at least some way, in the legal cannabis business. Examples of companies associated with the legal cannabis industry could include legally registered publicly traded companies in fields such as agriculture, pharmaceutical, hydroponic or tobacco companies or REITs. These securities may be issued by large companies and also small and mid-sized companies, Micro Cap and REITs. Income through dividend payments is a secondary objective. Income also becomes a Fund objective when it is in a temporary, defensive position. The legal cannabis business does not need to be the sole focus point of a company for Series Two to invest in it nor does it need to account for a majority of its overall revenues. For example, Series Two may invest in Company XYZ, a pharmaceutical company developing uses for medical cannabis even if the revenues produced as a result of the sales of medical cannabis is responsible for less than 5% of XYZ’s overall revenue.


The portfolio security holdings of Series Two and historical financial information and numbers, such as performance and expenses, may not give investors a current, relevant picture of Series Two financial data.

On July 29, 2016 American Growth Fund Series Two changed its fundamental investment policies governing purchase and sale of portfolio securities for Series Two (as approved in advance by the Series Two Board of Directors and Shareholders). As a direct result, the portfolio security holdings of Series Two are substantially different than they were prior to July 29, 2016. By regulation Series Two must report historical financial information and numbers even though its investment strategy and structure have substantially changed, resulting in such historical financial information and numbers not necessarily providing investors current, relevant financial data. For additional information concerning the revised investment strategy and structure of series two, you are invited to call us at 800-525-2406.